Termite Control

We take care of pre and post-construction Termite spraying.

Treatment Methods

At Terminator Pest & Pond Management, we can handle all of your termite trouble! We can do pre-construction treatment whereby liquid residual pre-construction termiticide treatments are applied to soil prior to home or building slabs being poured. We can also do post-construction treatment. This creates a treated zone around the perimeter of your premises by injecting termiticide into the ground to form a barrier between the soil and the building structure. Give us a call today and we can discuss!

Drywood Termites

Whole House & Spot Treatment

Whole-house termite treatment involves fumigation. Typically, large tents are draped over the home to keep the fumes inside where they can kill termites. We can also do spot treatments. While whole-house treatments are generally the most effective way to completely eradicate drywood termites, fumigating an entire home is typically more expensive than spot treatments.

High Temp Treatment

A less common type of whole-house termite treatment involves raising the temperature in the home very high. The home may reach between 120 and 150 degrees. Such hot temperatures kill termites as enzymes within their bodies are denatured and cell membranes are destroyed.

Subterranean Termites

Barrier Treatments

Liquid termite treatments involve injecting termiticide into the soil around the perimeter of your structure. This creates a zone of protection between the structure and the soil. This type of treatment can go to work immediately and complete and thorough treatment can eliminate a colony in just a few weeks. 

Bait System

We can do bait systems as well. With bait systems, termite bait is generally applied in the ground around the structure foundation. The termites consume the bait and bring back to their colonies resulting in reduced termite numbers.

There is a lot of debate about whether liquid termite treatments or bait systems are more effective for exterminating subterranean termites. Both measures are often used as means of prevention as well.
A major drawback of bait systems is that they are usually spaced several feet apart, making it easy for termites to miss them altogether. Bait systems also aren’t designed to attract termites in any way. With full liquid termite treatments, there is a zone that goes all the way around a home, making it far more likely that termites will encounter the treatment zone. Another thing to remember about bait systems is that they usually take longer to produce results compared to barrier treatment.